Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 5 Reasons A Business Outsources

Why Do Companies Outsource? The Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Outsource

By Mary Thomas

When talking about outsourcing there is a lot of information that you need to have. Unfortunately we are faced with lack of it but this can be fixed and it should not bother business owners. The one question that keeps popping up is "Why do Companies Outsource?" While some of the possible reasons are obvious, there are others that are not. The truth is that the reasons why a company would outsource are varied. It all depends on what the company does and its personal needs. For instance, if a company has a human resources department built in, why would it go after human resources outsourcing? It would not need it! The only real reason why it would is reducing costs but that means firing people and brings in different problems. Outsourcing is definitely not as easy as some people think and a lack of outsourcing strategy can cause a lot of problems. Leaving that aside, let us think about the top reasons why companies outsource:

1. Reducing Costs - This is the number one reason why companies outsource. In most situations you can find cheaper labor through outsourcing and if the quality level is the same there is no reason why you should not outsource.

2. Improved Business Focus - By directing a part of the work towards outsourcing you gain flexibility and you are able to focus on your company's core competencies. This increases work flow and allows you to finish projects faster.

3. Unfulfilled Needs - Sometimes you might have to outsource because what you are looking for can not be found locally. For instance, you might want a good project manager and the local market does not have one to hire. Outsourcing can provide you access to a need that is not available at a local level.

4. Risk Management - As a company grows risks appear. Most business owners fail to foresee this and are not prepared with a good risk management strategy to apply. In this case the only real solution would be to hire an expert company to do this and there are many that can be contacted through outsourcing.

5. Better Employees - By being able to contact people from other regions/countries you might be able to contact really good professionals. You can hire them through outsourcing and you would get better employees. Keep in mind that this is tricky and price must be considered as well in order to not make a bad investment.

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