Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pregnant women who exercise are less likely to have a Caesarean or give birth to a large baby

  • Exercising cuts Caesarean risk by 20% and chance of large baby by 31%
  • It raises the chance of giving birth to a baby that is normal weight
  • Babies born large tend to be heavier as children and into adulthood
  • Advising expecting women to exercise could prevent childhood obesity

Pregnant women have Caesarean exercise reduces the risk of the fifth, according to a new study.
They also nearly one-third less likely to give birth to a big baby, the study showed.
Previous studies suggest that larger babies are more likely to have weight problems as adults.
Physical exercise and increase their chances of normal weight infants, Canadian scientists say.

Play Exercises For Pregnant Women

Exercises in Preparation for Delivery for 7-9 months pregnant

Pregnant women who exercise have cut a fifth of the risk of caesarean section, a study finds

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Executive Committee Leadership Positions

Consider serving on the Executive Committee for the premiere Hispanic business organization since 1975.

Statewide Leadership Positions

Have you ever considered serving in a leadership position for a statewide organization?  The Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce has their annual elections for positions on the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is responsible for the direction of the organization.


Please forward to business owners so that they have the opportunity to consider applying for this incredible leadership position that impacts the State of Texas; and has a national and international presence.  Only business owners from TAMACC Chamber and Organization Members who are in good standing are eligible to apply.


The deadline to file for any of the Executive Committee positions is Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 5:00 PM, Central Standard Time.

If you need more information, contact Pauline Anton, Executive Director, at (512) 444-5727 or

Nominations are being accepted for the following positions that will be elected during the Annual Meeting on August 8, 2015.



Executive Vice Chairman



Vice Chair of Alliance Partners

Vice Chair of Education

Vice Chair of Fundraising

Vice Chair of International Relations

Vice Chair of Membership 

Requirements for all positions include:

  1. Candidates must submit a letter from their TAMACC Member Chamber/Organization stating they are a member in good standing.

  2. The candidate must be registered and paid to attend the Annual Convention and Business Expo by June 10, 2015.

  3. Candidates must submit a resume with appropriate contact information including mailing address, office telephone number, cellular telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address with their application packet. Please attach a photo with your resume.

  4. Candidates must be Hispanic, must not be under indictment, or have been convicted of a felony.

  5. Candidates must not be a paid employee of a national, state, or local Chamber or a paid employee of a local, state, or federal government agency.

  6. Candidates must own at least 51% of a business which is his/her primary source of income and must be able to document such ownership.

  7. Candidates must read, complete and sign the TAMACC Executive Committee Candidate Criteria Application Form and submit it with their application packet.

  8. Candidates must agree to sign a Conflict of Interest Policy, Confidentiality Agreement, and Executive Committee Code of Ethics policies. 

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