Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Women of Distinction

TAMACC is proud to have the Western Governors University (WGU) as a new partner.  WGU is an accredited university focused on adults who would like to complete a Bachelor's Degree or interested in a Master's Degree.  This partnership provides additional benefits to our members.  

WGU Texas Announces the Hispanic Achiever Scholarship


WGU Texas is pleased to announce a new scholarship available to Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC) members, their employees, and their family members.


TAMACC members, their employees, and their family members are eligible to apply for the scholarship, valued at up to $5,000.


WGU Texas offers respected, recognized, and accredited degree programs in business, information technology, teacher education and healthcare (including nursing), so you can pursue a degree that fits your interests and prepares you to advance your career.  And with tuition that's about $6,000 a year for most programs, you can earn your degree for half what you'd pay at another online university.


Don't miss out - the application deadline for the Hispanic Achiever Scholarship is April 30, 2015.


Visit Apply Now for more information and to apply for the scholarship.


What you can expect at WGU Texas:

  • Affordable, flat-rate tuition: WGU Texas is half the cost of other online universities.
  • Scholarships and financial aid for eligible students.
  • Accredited Degree Programs in:
    • Health Professions (including nursing)
    • Business
    • Information Technology
    • Teacher Education
  • A better learning experience:  Competency-based education focuses on learning, not seat time. 
  • Superior results: According to a recent Harris Interactive survey,96% of employers say that WGU grads exceed expectations.

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