Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Economy in a Nutshell

In our everyday lives or in business there is a process. First you must follow, manage and then lead. Of course, once you have reached a certain level of leadership or management in your lives or business then at that level you have decided to use more of your leadership or management abilities.
Management by definition is a person who controls people or resources directly.
Leadership by definition is a person who influences people or motivates people in the direction of your family, business or personal goals, but does this indirectly.
We are all managers or leaders somewhere. Keeping this in mind every leader must know to keep his integrity together. These leadership qualities include: respect, honor, character, trust and dignity. These are only a few of the aspects which are important. This brings me to my point. If we as a society were putting more emphasis and more concerned about these qualities of leadership and management we could make it better. This is what it really comes down to when we look at how our economy has come to what it is today. In the news we have all heard many pyramid schemes, businesses such as Enron going down as they did and the sort, which tells us that these aspects of leadership and management have not played a very important role in these areas.

"We cannot control someone elses actions but we can control our own". Andrew Lopez

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