Monday, November 9, 2009

Effective Communication and Chicken Soup

              Communicating can be very hard to do, especially to a group. 

Here are a few things to remember:
1. Breathing
2. Salutation
3. Right words for right audience
4. Confidence
5. Attitude
6. Speak from experience using your own words
7. Eye contact
8. Good gestures
9. Organize your topic
10. Connect with individual

           Your main goal is to try and connect with each individual.  If each individual in the audience feels that you are trying to connect with them through your experiences they may be able to relate through a simuliar experience they may have had. In conditioning we are all conditioned to say and do certain things.   For example:  When we are offered something to drink in a new place or just visiting a place, the response used the most will be "no".   We have conditioned ourselves to respond this way.  When we know that if we think about the question first we will more than likely say "yes, please."
            Lets take chicken soup, for example,  we can go into a restaurant and smell the soup: meat, potatoes, parsley, etc.  In effective communication you must know the recipe to make a great soup mainly because everyone makes it different, everyone likes defferent soups,also.  In order to make someone elses soup you have to know their recipe, hence you must know and prepare to do the steps of effective communication in order to communicate effectively with others.   Everyone has a different recipe.  :)

In preparing, if we know how we have conditioned ourselves, how everyone has a different recipe ( so to speak) and use examples to get our message to the audience, then we will be more successful in effective commumication.