Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar,Must See

                   Went to go see the movie last night.  It was great.  It was a story about military and science together trying to reach a goal.  The military was trying to get a rock that was very valuable and would do anything to get it. The science team is at the same time exploring/researching all the land and people of Pandora.  While the people of Pandora are very close to their land and connected spiritally, do not want the aliens (military/scientists) there.  So the military tries to the mother load which is sitting under their most sacred tree.  To not spoil the movie military and scientist do not see eye to eye. They end up fighting. 
                    The director puts the delimas we currently face in the movie, so we can relate.  Great plot, battle between science and military, love story and the future of the human race all tied in to one good movie.  I like it, my wife and kids loved it.   You should see it.   Oh, and there will be a sequel.  Cool
.   :)

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