Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Creating Champions

Dallas Human Resource Firm Creating Champions

Dallas Area Students are the First to Benefit from Privately Funded Youth Leadership Program

MOC Trainers Graduating Class


PR Log (Press Release) – Nov 24, 2009 – Dallas, Texas – Pursuit of Excellence, Inc., has launched the “Making of Champions” (MOC), an after-school Youth Leadership Program to develop leaders among elementary, middle and high school students in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Together with the support of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas, and the Dallas Independent School District, a team of students from Lowe Elementary, and Spruce High School are among the first to participate in the Making of Champions.

According to Marie Diaz, CEO of Pursuit of Excellence Inc., and the creator of the Making of Champions program, “The students will receive guidance and direction, and will be taught essential leadership skills that young people need to succeed in school and in the real world. As students complete certain levels of the program, they will then serve as mentors to younger students as a means of giving back to each other, and to the community”.

To deliver the training to the students, Pursuit of Excellence recruited and trained a team of individuals from the community, who volunteer their time to teach the after-school program to the students. The volunteers are required to participate in a 4-day intensive training course covering the art and science of delivering and facilitating the MOC Program.

The training course is normally offered by Pursuit of Excellence on a tuition basis to individuals desiring to become public speakers, corporate trainers, and executive program facilitators. However, for individuals who qualify and agree to serve as a MOC facilitator for one academic year, the tuition is waived. To date, the Company has certified as MOC trainers: Billy Peace, Daniella Toledo, Nidia Camacho, Alejandra Rodriguez, Diego Zaltron, Maria Pia Ferro and Steve Gallegos, from Dallas, and Andrew Lopez, from Austin, Texas.

“I am grateful to have found such remarkable individuals to serve as our MOC program facilitators. Their passion for the development of our youth, and their willingness to serve our community is truly a gift,” says Marie Diaz. “Studies reveal that students who are involved in after school programs are more likely to avoid using drugs and alcohol, more likely to attend classes, more likely to get along with their families, and are more confident of their performance in school overall. These students are part of our future workforce, so now is the time to teach them leadership skills," adds Ms. Diaz.

The Company is recruiting additional volunteers to serve as trainers, and is interested in meeting with school administrators that want to offer the MOC program in their schools. Those with an interest in serving as a MOC program facilitator, or to have the MOC program brought to their school, should contact Billy Peace, via email: bpeace@poehr.com.

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About Pursuit of Excellence: The company was founded in 1994 and provides small to medium sized companies with a full range of human resource services including human resource risk assessment, risk management, organizational and people development, payroll processing, and employee rewards administration. These offerings create the acronym H.O.P.E. which gives rise to the Company’s motto: Delivering H.O.P.E. to businesses and industry worldwide.

To learn more about Pursuit of Excellence, Inc., visit its web site at www.pursuitofexcellenceinc.com.

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